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President's Welcome Message

Edward Kim, MD

The 2015 Society for the Study of Male Reproduction (SSMR) Annual Meeting at the AUA Meeting in New Orleans is rapidly approaching. This year’s SSMR Meeting will be on Sunday, May 17, rather than on the traditional Tuesday because of changes in the AUA’s overall meeting scheduling. I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date regarding the activities of our Society.

Michael Eisenberg has organized an all-star faculty for the SSMR Program for the Annual Meeting in May 2015. The topic “Achieving, Maintaining and Using Healthy Sperm: Alpha to Omega” will span from the sperm contribution to IVF-ICSI outcome to male rejuvenation. The aim of this session is to critically assess the role of sperm on reproductive outcome (the Alpha) and to examine the effects of aging and the search for the fountain of youth on reproduction in older fathers (the Omega). The program is divided into three primary sections. First, we will explore (a) how male factor may impact embryo development and pregnancy loss and (b) how the choice of sperm may impact IVF success. Given that many couples with male factor must rely on IVF, our second section will provide an update on IVF with a particular focus on risks of current techniques. Finally, as rejuvenation centers have increased in number across the US, we will seek to understand what they are and how they may impact a man’s reproductive health. Under a generous unrestricted grant from Repros (Woodlands, TX), the industry sponsored lunch symposium will critically examine a new twist on clomiphene. To increase the educational goals of our program, we will be videotaping this year’s program for later web access for those who are not able to attend.

Meeting highlights to note include the honoring Dr. R. Dale McClure with the Distinguished Andrologist Award and Dr. Alexander Pastuszak as the Arnold Belker Travelling Fellowship Award recipient at the SSMR Dinner. Dr. James Smith will be representing SSMR at the “Showcase for Early Career Investigators” at the 2015 AUA Research Forum, where he will be highlighting his work on fertility restoration and preservation.

The SSMR is the subspecialty society of the American Urological Association devoted to clinical, research and educational initiatives, as well as advocacy efforts concerning male reproduction. With this mission statement in mind, I would like to recognize the Andrology Research Consortium (ARC) under the direction of Drs. Keith Jarvi and Susan Lau as the repeat recipient of the SSMR Research Grant. With ongoing data collection, this endeavor has the opportunity to create a database for male infertility patients, analogous to the SART-CDC database for IVF outcomes.

I am most appreciative for the opportunity to have served as your President. I am indebted to Heather Swanson, our Executive Director at WJ Weiser, for her organizational support, as well as to the Board for providing the direction and future of our Society. Thank you to Dr. Hellstrom for his guidance on the SSMR banquet in New Orleans!! I hope to see many of you there, Saturday, May 17, at The Irish House!


Edward Kim, MD
President, SSMR

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