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Low Sperm Count May Decrease Likelihood of Siring a Son – Renal & Urology News

October 21, 2011
ORLANDO, Fla.—As a man's sperm production declines, so does the proportion of sperm bearing the Y chromosome, thus decreasing the likelihood of siring a son, according to new data presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting.

2009 Distinguished Reproductive Urology Award Winner

June 1, 2009
Announcing the 2009 Distinguished Reproductive Urology Award Winner.

The Reality of the Male Biological Clock – Urology Times

January 15, 2009
Advanced paternal age affects sperm quality, fertility, hormone levels, libido, erectile function, and a host of non-reproductive physiological issues while increasing the risk for spontaneous abortion and genetic abnormalities in offspring. An older would-be father should have a thorough history and physical examination focused on his sexual and reproductive capacity and be counseled on the effects of his age on spermatogenesis and pregnancy

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