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SSMR Statement on Racism and Diversity

The tragic death of George Floyd and many others continues to highlight the prevalent, longstanding discrimination towards the black community and all communities of color as well as to focus attention on persistent disparities associated with systemic racism.

The SSMR, without exception, condemns all forms of racism, discrimination and bias and fully supports the AUA statement on racism and racial inequalities.

We, the SSMR Board of Directors, will continue to engage in conversations and listening, not only with our society members, but more importantly to the patients and communities we serve.

We pledge to promote principles of equality and inclusion through our education programs, and emphasize these principles in our annual meetings.

To improve diversity in our society, we will dedicate time and resources for mentoring medical students, residents, and junior faculty who come from backgrounds underrepresented in our field. We will develop a new leadership training fellowship to identify promising scientists, scholars, and physicians of diverse backgrounds.

We will continue to fight for equitable access to reproductive care regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, national origin or economic status. We will promote research that supports access to reproductive care for all our patients.

It is our hope that individually and collectively, we can begin to address the issues of social injustice and racism leading to enduring change. We have also listed below initiatives we plan for specific upcoming years.

Sincerely and respectfully,
SSMR Board of Directors

2020/2021 Initiatives

While only the beginning of what we plan to do to achieve these goals, we are currently planning the following: adding talks highlighting diversity in the male reproductive field at our 2021 SSMR meeting, present a SSMR/SMRU SMILES symposium on Allyship and Building a Multicultural Male Reproductive practice, and continuing to build our SSMR mentorship and leadership programs, including a new SSMR/Fellow Health Diverse Leadership scholarship program.