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Male Infertility Fellowship Opportunities

Weill Cornell Medicine

New York, NY 10065

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Marc Goldstein, MD, Fellowship Director
Peter Schlegel, MD
Darius Paduch, MD, PhD
James Kashanian, MD
Philip Li, MD
Dolores Lamb, PhD, HCLD
John Mulhall, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
The Population Council Center for Biomedical Research at Rockefeller University

Male infertility/Sexual Function/Andrology:
75% male infertility, reproductive genetics, and endocrinology
25% sexual medicine (erectile dysfunction, orgasmic and ejaculatory disorders), men’s health, adolescent Andrology

Length of Fellowship:
2 year for clinical/research fellowship
2 year international research fellowship available

Year 1: 30% clinical/70% basic and translational science research
Year 2: 60% clinical/40% basic and translational science research


Vanessa Dudley, Administrative Supervisor
Email: vad2003@med.cornell.edu
Phone: 212-746-5470
Fax: 212-746-0977

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